Why do you prefer long distance relationship?
Because they are stronger. They mean a lot more.
Well to me that is, I mean I think about it. Everyday every second.
Sure you don't get to hug the person, kiss the person, wake up next to the person but you get to talk to them, hear them.
Trust is the biggest thing in a relationship.
Trust is not easy to build but without confident and suspicious it will ruin the relationship at the end.
If you can trust someone who lives hundred miles away, then it makes the long distance become solid and firm.

Think about how amazing it's going to be when finally get to meet them.
And how perfect it's gonna be.
You fight less. You laugh more.
They are hard, they are harder than a lot of other things but they are worth it in the end.
Even though long distance is hard, to work it out need lots of strength, console, willingness, passion and the most important is trust and understanding.
Why let distance ruin your feelings to someone?
Feelings are feelings, love is love, that's not gonna change anything.
You may granted the happiness after you managed to overcome all the obstacles and hardness of being apart by thousand miles away.
If you believe in yourself, have trust and faith, then there is no problem because long distance is just a matter of a fact where you can resist it.
As long as they have each other and they meant for each other, that's make them stronger.

I believe that I am not regret of choosing this path at the first place, it allow us to learn many things throughout the hardship we confronted.
Overall I must say it is definitely true because it is beautiful after all.
So beautiful if you believe and love each other,
then you just feel so near to each other.
It's rare. And just don't give up easily.

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