Heart Out

We are not perfect, any of us, we make mistakes, we screw up,
but then we forgive and forget and move forward.
Don't quit because something went wrong.
Quit because you tried your hardest and nothing made it better.

I want to be the girl that changed everything, the girl that made a difference and the girl that gave you a story to tell
I may not be the prettiest, smartest or strongest
But at least I am me, and don't pretend to be someone that I'm not meant to be
Lately me myself always speak to my own heart, don't be scared that you won't find anyone who will love you, because someday you will when the time is right.
Too young to think about the so called love-thingy.
Sometimes you have to forget about what you want and focus on what you deserve
Just because you apologized doesn't mean my heart is magically fixed.
Call the Mr-Fix-It for me. I've got some problem here.

P/S : Life is like a riding a bicycle, to keep yourself balance you have to keep moving. Believe in your dreams and they MAY come true, but believe in yourself and they WILL come true

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