Forever in my life

The way you're part of me, I would have to re-learn everything.
If you were to leave, so fast you make me fall like I was autumn leaves.
And honestly there's a perfect explanation
Why you feel so good to say that you're my love.

My love,
I'll give you all my love if you don't change a thing about the way you hold me every night.
So right, I wanna a man like you forever in my life.
Put my love inside a jar, turn the lid and set me free
I love everything that you are.
Has a million other reasons but lets not go to far.
Stay close to my heart.
When I think about the future, I am right there where you are.
Cause you are my love.

I know that you would never leave me hanging, hanging out to dry in the wind
I know that we haven't seen the worst of it.
But when we do, I promise you.
Promise that we'll stick it out together.

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