Okay. sebelum pegi PTAR, wa nk cite pasal hierarchy court of Malaysia and its establishment and its composition jgk.
saje nk merepek. sbb nk kasi igt.

hafal jawapan utk esk. haha. HARDCORE kot.

sekali tak keluar. padan muke kau Solehah!

First thing first:

The roles of court is Malaysia is more concerned with the administration of the law. The court have civil and criminal jurisdiction in Msia which are consist of superior court and subordinate court. Superior court consists of Federal court which is the highest court in Msia, followed by the second highest of court, Court of Appeal and the lowest level in superior court is High court while subordinate or inferior court constitutes Session court, Magistrate court and Penghulu court. The subordinate court decision are bounded by the decision of superior court while some of the court are bound by their own decision.

The Federal court is the highest court in the superior court in Malaysia. Federal court consist of Chief Justice, the President of Court of Appeal, Chief Judge of Malaya and Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak and six Federal court judges which the minimum numbers of judges are 3 and the maximum number are 11. The number of the judges sitting in Federal court must be an odd number.

The second highest court in Msia and in the superior court is Court of Appeal which constitutes the President of Court of Appeal and up to 10 Court of Appeals' judges. The minimum number of the judge in Court of Appeal is 3.

The lowest court in the superior court is High court. This third highest court in Msia consist of two Chief Judges, one in Peninsular Msia and one in Sabah and Sarawak and the minimum number of judge sitting in High court is 1.

The next court after High court is Session court. Session court is the highest court in the subordinate court or inferior court. Session court is under the charge of the session court judge and the minimum number of judge is 1.

The second level court in subordinate court is Magistrate court. Magistrate court deals with minor civil and criminal cases. The court is presided over by a magistrate and the minimum number of judge is also 1.

Lastly the Penghulu's court is the lowest level of subordinate courts in Peninsular Malaysia. It is presided over by a penghulu or headman appointed by the State Goverment for a mukim.

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